eroticsessions said: No new stories? I loved them. Are they real? Do you have fantasies?

I’m glad you like my sex stories. I’m starting to write once a week, so this week I will post something new. Most of the things are real but the scenarios are sometimes imagined by me. If i have fantasies? Who doesn’t?

Wild elevator ride

            After a discussion all I wanted was to go pick up my coat at his house and then go home. He gave me a ride as always and nobody said a single word in the car. We reached the door of his building and got inside the elevator. There’s just one thing…when I got mad, I also get pretty horny. All of a sudden I started to heavily breathe and discretely look at him, more exactly to his pants. I was going crazy and I just decided to push the elevator stop button.

            I gave him a long kiss, looked at his eyes and said “People will think that the elevator is broken, no one will call the technician at 3am.We have all the time we want …and I always wanted to do it in a elevator..”.

           Before I could finish speaking, he pulled me against him while shoving me against the wall. The desire was so big that I couldn’t stop moaning as he kissed me almost without letting me breath. For a moment he stopped and looked at me with desire. He bit my lip and pulled my blouse off. I tried to take off his t-shirt, but I was so horny that my hands were shaking and I couldn’t. He took off his t-shirt quickly letting me see that toned body. I was leaning against the wall with only my skirt and red lace bra on, with my breasts wanting to jump out, so horny I was.   

          He bit my ear and whispered me “I’ll make you scream with pleasure, I promise!”. He began to kiss my neck and my legs started shaking. I moaned incessantly…he had found my weak point. My skirt fell on the floor, without me realizing it. Now he had left me only wearing one of the most scandalous sets I owned, the red lace thong, that didn’t cover almost nothing and my red garter belt clinging to my black stockings… that made me look like a whore.

         He looked at me and bit his lip. The volume in his pants stretched the fabric as much as possible, leaving me increasingly horny. As he said “What a sight…you kill me with desire. I wanted to take it easy, but I don’t think I can! I’m dying of desire to possess you!”. I answered “I don’t care! Makes me yours!”

         I didn’t had time to make a gesture, he came towards me and with a sharp tug tore my thong, throwing it out. He looked at me and said “I promise that I make it up for you after! Hold on to the bar!!”. As soon as I grabbed the bar, I felt him grab me by the thighs, lifting me and fitting his dick inside my pussy that was already dripping down my legs. He was going slowly inside me, step by step, filling me and then started fucking me hard, driving me crazy, while I begged him not to stop.

        Our moans echoed in the walls of the elevator, as our bodies moved in a mad fury. His mouth fell on my breasts and he pulled the red lace to the side to find my hard nipples. He put them in his mouth, sucked them and bit them making me scream. I felt his movements stronger within me. Sweat ran down our bodies and we were hallucinated. I felt spasm all over my body, tightening his dick inside me. I screamed loud, without being able to control myself “cum with me!”. He groped me and he cummed, making me feel the warm inside me and laid his head on my chest felling my heart beating fast. We let ourselves fall to the carpeted floor of the elevator waiting for our breathe get back to normal.

         He laid on top of me with those green eyes invading my soul deeply. He caressed my hair and kissed my face all over, until he get to my lips. His tongue ran through the outline of my mouth, slowly, without a hurry, he gave me little kisses. He moved down my neck, giving me little licks, causing me intense chills and making me moan. His hands found the clasp of my bra and loosened it, leaving my breasts loose at his disposal. He stroked them with circular movements and slowly…ran his finger around, causing me goosebumps. His mouth dropped down my neck and went down on one nipple, covering it with small licks. I was getting crazy with those caresses, and shook his head at me, asking for more.

        He made my will, and started tastefully sucking and giving small bites, which caused me electric shocks all over my body. After a bit, his mouth slid down my belly, nibbling her, as he descended more and more. He unfastened the garter belt, throwing him to the ground and bit my thighs. My pussy pulsed waiting for his mouth but he didn’t made my will this time. He started wrapping one of my stockings, as he kissed every inch of exposed skin. He took that one off and did the same with the other one, leaving me completely naked and delivered to his caresses.

        My body was so sensitive, trembling all over. His mouth went through my legs and thighs, inch by inch, until he got close to my pussy. I felt his smooth breath and twisted all over. Finally he got his mouth on my pussy, giving little kisses. His tongue ran it up and down, in slow motion, sevoring it. My groans come out of the back of the throat, without my realizing it “don’t torture me anymore, please”. He began taking my pussy in his mouth, moving his tongue all over. His tongue entered my pussy and penetrated me, making rotating movements while he said “You taste so well, I will not get tired of your taste! I’m gonna eat all your pussy till you cum yourself in my mouth. I want to suck all your honey!”.

       His mouth grabbed my clit and squeezed it, rubbing it in rhythmic movements, while he stuck two fingers inside me, penetrating me. I could not contain my orgasm anymore. I exploded in his mouth with strong convulsions while he licked everything. He came up to me and our mouths met in an intense kiss. I tasted my taste in his mouth and devoured her with my tongue, sucking it. I pushed him back, climbing on top of him and taking command over his body. I felt his moan of complaint and whispered in his ear “ Shiuuuuu…it’s my turn now, calm down”.

       I bit his lower lip and went down his neck. I felt his dick pulsing against my thighs, hot and hard, completely ready for more action. He moaned with his eyes closed heavily breathing. My mouth went down the hard muscles of his belly and continued down. I felt his hardness against my face and slowly rubbed my mouth against his dick. His hands were already entangled in my curls, trying to push my face to where he most wanted. I was already salivating with desire and started sliding my tongue along his shaft until I reach his big head. I put it in my mouth, sucking it hard, several times, causing a suction that made him crazy. I slid his dick in my throat as far as I could, but couldn’t fit it all. I was moving my mouth slowly along that delight, absorbing his male flavour while he writhed. I was accelerating movements and while making sucking motions I withdrew it almost all of my mouth, beating his dick on my lips and then shoved him again in my mouth, causing him to slide down my throat.

         He said he could handle it anymore and I felt the first jet of cum invading my mouth. I swallowed it as he cummed more and more, filling my mouth with his taste. I squeezed it until the last drop, leaving him trembling.

         We were at that elevator for a long time now, so we kissed and decided to get dressed and push the start button to go to his place. We got on his bedroom and when I thought that we were just going to sleep he made me lay down on my belly, got on top of me, slid his dick inside my pussy and made me all wet again in just some strokes. Then he took his dick and pushed it gently against my tight ass. I can’t lie, that made me so horny. He noticed that I was enjoying it and made the head of his dick slip right inside me. He waited for my ass to adjust to having his hard dick in it, and then he leaned forward slowly and kissed my back while rubbing my clit. I could feel his dick slid all the way in inch by inch as I relaxed, and he started fucking me harder and faster. I as almost cumming and told him “cum with me….I’m almost there” He came hard in my ass, and I could feel him shooting jet after jet of hot cum deep inside me.

        We were exhausted and end up falling asleep…


Me & my Classmate

I was 18  on my first year of university and since the first days one of my classmates started flirting with me. In the first day of our party week at university I remember I didn’t had a place to sit at dinner time, and he pulled me right away and made me sit on his lap. He always offered to give me a ride in his car when he had a chance and he ended asking me for my e-mail and when I was online he often came chatting with me, always complimenting my profile pictures. Normally I wouldn’t flirt with a guy just because he came after me and he’s cute, but this time I was liking the chasing. Something about him attracted me, not just his body. It was like he was chasing me but at the same time running away from me.

The months went by, and we ended up stopping with all the flirt and we rarely talked to each other, till the exams period came and I needed help with one of my classes. He had already had that class in the previous year, so he had some good notes and exercises and he offered himself to study with me. A few days later he gave me a call saying that he didn’t feel like going to university and invited me to go study at his house. At first I hesitated, but once the exam was two days away I accepted. The next day I caught the train and he picked me up at the train station. When we arrived at his place, he showed me around and led me to his bedroom to study. Because his desk was to small for both of us we decided to put all the books and the laptop on the bed. After a couple of hours we finished our study and decided to watch a film while laying down on the bed, but a few minutes from the beginning of the film he started running his hand through my hair, cuddling me and kissing the back of my neck. I didn’t had the courage to do nothing and we stayed that way till it was time for me to get home.

He drove me to the train station and when I arrived home I went online and he came to chat with me. He told me he liked the afternoon, and that he had had desire to make out with me at the time, but that I was to shy for it and that I didn’t had courage. That made me furious and I told him then that wasn’t true. So he challenged me, inviting me to go to his place again in the next day so that we would finish what we started. I hesitated again, but I was so furious that he had told that, I said yes. The next day I went to his place and we sat on the living room watching tv, when he suddenly went on top of me and kissed me. I let myself be carried away by the desire and he took me in his arms to his bedroom.

He undressed me while I undressed him and we started kissing and rubbing our bodies into each other. He groped me and started licking and sucking my nipples while rubbing my clit with his dick. I was arching my back moaning when he started putting the head of his dick inside me and taking it out. That drove me crazy and I started begging him to fuck me. He grabbed my legs and put them on his shoulders as he went hard on me shoving his hard big dick on my pussy. He was fucking me giving deep fast strokes and he made me cum in just a few minutes. Then he turned me around on my knees and started fucking me doddy style, grabbing my hips and pushing me against his dick. He made me cum again and told me to get on top of him.  I was so wet that his dick slid right inside me as I started to ride him while he grabbed my tits and spanked my ass. This time we cummed together and I lost all my strength almost falling on top of him. After a few kisses we got dressed and he drove me home. We never talk about it and now we’re just normal classmates.


My B-day

It was my birthday and after having dinner with my friends we all went clubbing. I already had a few drinks before getting to the club so all I wanted was to go dance like crazy. I went for a few more drinks and while all my friends and my boyfriend were on the dance floor, I went dancing on the top of the speakers, I stayed there for hours, and drink after drink I was getting more and more promiscuous. My boyfriend was on the dance floor right next to me, and because I was wearing a short fitted dress, I made sure he had a privileged view. I was going up and down while grabbing his hands and carrying them from the bottom of my legs up to my hips.

Suddenly he pulled me down on his lap, grabbed me against him and groped me while he kissed me. I rubbed his dick through his pants and turned around bedding over while dancing. I teased him for the rest of the night till we couldn’t handle it no more. It was about 6am when he invited me to his house, I was so horny that I just gave him a long kiss and asked him what was he waiting. I made an excuse that I wasn’t feeling so good because of all the drinking and we both got out of there.

On the way to car we couldn’t keep our hands of each other. It was like an half hour driving till his house and I just couldn’t wait that long. As we got inside the car I leaned over him and I asked him if he was excited, I put my hand down his pants, bent down and unzipped them, pulled out his hard dick and told him to relax. I stroke his dick while licking the shaft and I rolled my tongue around it’s head, making eye contact with him, slapping the head of his dick against my tongue. I began to suck him hard, felling is dick pulsating in my mouth.  He grabbed my head, by my hair, and rammed his hard dick down my throat. I got so excited that I just got faster and asked him to cum on my mouth. He started grabbing me harder and he filled my mouth with his cum. I swallow it and licked his entire dick while looking on his eyes. As I got up to my sit he leaned over and kissed my inner thighs, up and down, teasing me, making me want it even more as I looked up at him. He spread my legs and placed them on his shoulders. He slipped his tongue between my pussy lips and flicked it across my clit. I gasped hard and arched my back, pulling his hair. He began to suck on my clit, taking it in his mouth, moving his tongue over it as he slipped a finger into my pussy, curling it up and rubbing my g-spot. I started moaning as he was moving his tongue faster and teasing me as he slip a second finger in, rubbing my g-spot faster. I gasped in pleasure, running out of breath between moans as I moved my hips up and grabbed the back of his head pushing his face between my legs. I told him I was about to cum and he started fingering me harder and teasing my nipples.  I couldn’t handle it anymore and I came hard on his fingers.

We gave each other a long and passionate kiss and we decided to go to his place. He played with my soaking wet pussy all the way home. When we got there he had nobody at home, everyone was at work. I was tired and asked him to take a bath before going to bed, he whispered me that he would only allow me if he went with me and I tilted my head saying yes. We were constantly rubbing our hands on each other’s bodies. We just couldn’t resist and both of us got horny again. He started kissing me on the lips, on my neck, biting my ear and groping me. He slipped one hand between my legs and felt my wet pussy. He looked at me and turned me around making me bend over in the shower with my legs spread as he quickly shoved his dick into my hot pussy. He began fucking me with deep slow strokes and I started moaning and asking for more as he began fucking me harder and faster. In one of the last strokes he tightened up and we both cummed while he kept his warm dick in me as he breathed heavily on my back. We finished our bath and he wrapped me up in a towel, took me in his arms to his room, laid me on his bed and put me to sleep. I woke up a few hours later, facing down, moaning, while he was on top of me, fucking my pussy again.